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Dr. Dawn DePasquale

Over 12,000 leaders throughout North America, Europe, Great Britain, China and South Africa have been impacted by Dr. Dawn DePasquale s “fun with substance” style of facilitation and training. As a Master Trainer, she has worked extensively with industry-leaders Development … Continue reading

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Meet the Speakers

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Why attend?

Creativity is a Muscle: Use it or Lose it It is a surely a worthwhile endeavor for every mind to get to meet and mingle with top international experts in Creative thinking and to reflect on the true meaning of … Continue reading

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Program 2014

Getting over Creative Blocks and Reaching your Creative Potential Creativity in Everyday Life We often think about creativity as making something, but in fact the root meaning of creativity is ‘to grow’. With more than 15 professional development sessions and … Continue reading

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Eileen Doyle

Eileen Doyle, president of Deeper Dives, provides highly interactive facilitation, market research and creativity workshops. Eileen has facilitated diverse projects such as ideation sessions, team building, market research, TV casting, and naming studies. She applies techniques that access right brain … Continue reading

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Learning to Think Outside the Box
Creative Thinking Can be Taught

Your world may be full of challenges, learning how to think creatively will uncover solutions you probably haven’t thought of. The reality is that to survive in a fast-changing world you need to be creative — which is having the ability to spot problems and … Continue reading

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