Bill Olsen

Consistently listed in the “Top 20” of the global FindAFacilitator data base, Bill Olsen co-hosts the “Journey” creativity retreat.  He is based in Washington DC and provides his services globally.

Bill Olsen is a professional Facilitator, Trainer and Speaker enabling accelerated results through creative problem solving.  He has a reputation for delivering dynamic offsites, tangible outcomes and strong consensus. His events are often characterized as being interactive, fast-forward learning, and practical… okay, they’re fun!

While a US Navy Commander, Bill applied Creative Problem Solving to his high-risk Navy project, which gained unparalleled success and the Nation’s “Silver Hammer Award for Reinventing Government”.  Facilitating other programs, he helped them accelerate milestones and win four more Silver Hammers.  He now provides these services as a consultant, and has supported clients in 17 countries & 29 U.S. states.  His clients have included P&G, CocaCola, Disney, CACI, Cisco Systems, Lockheed Martin, NASA, PriceWaterhouseCoopers, GHD Global, The Railgun Program, the PM of Jamaica, and many dozens of Government agencies and international Associations.    His mission is clear… to accelerate yours.



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