Dr. Kobus Neethling

Holds six degrees including two Masters, a Doctorate and Post-Doctorate (cum laude) in the identification and development of creative behaviour (Universities of Cape Town and Georgia-USA)

Rotary Foundation Scholarship 1983/84

Has written more than 80 books and 9 TV series including a number of international best-sellers (Including three new international best-sellers: ‘Creativity uncovered’; ‘Very smart parents’ and version two of ‘’Am I clever or am I stupid’—has sold more than 200000 copies))

Guinness World Record Holder: Co-author of “Making the Impossible possible” —the book of more than a 100 pages written in the fastest time ever —four and a half minutes

Has received 10 International Who’s Who Awards including Personality of the Year (2000); One of 2000 outstanding Scholars of the 20th century (1999: Cambridge England) and The International Who’s Who of Intellectuals Award

Received the 1998 International Leadership Award from the Creative Problem Solving Institute—USA:

Received the first International Creative Genius Award (2004) from the International Genius Acadamy (USA)

Developed the largest battery of Whole Brain Instruments in the world (used in 30 countries) including the acclaimed 8-Dimension Brain Model

International Silver Screen Award (for a TV episode called Creativity –2005)

Works with major corporations, national sporting teams, and education groups from all over the world

Voted by Femina magazine as one of the six best presenters in South Africa


2008 Recipient of the Excellence in Innovation Award (Mumbai: Feb 2008) – one of the most prestigious innovation awards in Asia.

Member of an international steering committee to research the possible integration of the two disciplines—Creativity and Innovation (2009)

Worked with national and international sports teams since 1993

Invited as a co-author to contribute to the trendsetting book on 21st century innovation “The future of innovation” (London; March 2009) —coining the phrase. “Innovation of the mind without innovating the heart is no innovation at all”

Gave the opening keynote at the European Creativity and Innovation Conference (ECCI) –Belgium October 2009; acknowledged as one of the most prestigious keynote platforms in the world

Member of the International Innovation Alliance –a group of 7 innovators from five continents — all international ‘innovation reward recipients’ The most prestigious innovation expert group in the world.

“Dr Kobus Neethling is one of the top 3 speakers in the world on the topics of creativity and innovation” —-as quoted in the programme of the 12th European Conference on Creativity and innovation (Sept 2011)


  • Moving from Ordinary to Beyondness

–       the ordinary paradigm (personal and business)

–       ordinary creativity –and ordinary results

–       understanding the Stretch Zone and Stretch targets

–       entering Beyondness

–       developing the profile of a Beyonder

–       creating new futures

–       getting Beyonder resuA New kind of creativity for a new kind of century

–       the 3 zones of creativity

–       the qualities of a Beyonder

–       moving from problems to possibilities

–       ideas for extraordinary times

–       seeing the future first

  • Using your Whole Brain in the 21st century

– understanding your 4 quadrant brain

– moving beyond your comfort zones

– discovering the 8 dimensions of your brain

– putting your 8-dimesnsion brain into action

– gaining an amazing edge

From Creative Problem Solving, to Opportunity Finding to Miracle Making

– understanding the stages of creative empowerment

–       expanding the power of your whole brain

– redesigning your beliefs

– the essence of your human being-ness

– becoming the miracle maker

  • The five critical ways to ‘get out of the box’
  • How to become 8 times more creative
  • The essence of successful creativity
  • Creating happiness with your whole brain


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