Eileen Doyle

Eileen Doyle, president of Deeper Dives, provides highly interactive facilitation, market research and creativity workshops. Eileen has facilitated diverse projects such as ideation sessions, team building, market research, TV casting, and naming studies. She applies techniques that access right brain and left brain, creating an atmosphere where participants use all learning styles: visual, auditory and kinesthetic.

These include creative problem solving, projective techniques, archetypes, leadership/communication preferences and laughter. She partners with clients to clarify goals and facilitate their progress to actionable results. Eileen is a leader in the field of creativity, presenting interactive workshops at conferences in the U.S., Canada, Italy, Portugal and South Africa. She is a Colleague with the Creative Education Foundation and co-hosted the first annual “Creativity Cruise” in February 2010.

She is certified in the MBTI®, Pearson-Marr Archetype Indicator™, Foursight™, Professional Researcher, Coaching, Get Clients Now!™ and Innovation Games®. Her favourite credentials are Certified Laughter Leader and international cat-sitter.


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