Leading Innovation in Education

How do you integrate innovation in an organization’s DNA? And how do you make creativity a way of life? Even as the value of creativity for the next generation is increasingly recognized, educators are faced with challenges of how to bring creative skills development into their schools and classrooms.

In this workshop participants will

  • Identify obstacles to innovation in schools and the school/educational system
  • Explore a model to recognize and analyze what drives innovation organizations
  • Initiate action plans to develop creativity in their own schools or school systems
  • Have a good time!

The session is based on The Art of Innovation, a comprehensive model which brings together twelve innovation drivers under three categories: the Sources of efficient creativity (Talent, Energy, Method), a Structure to drive innovation (Individual, Team, Target, System) and a Culture to make creativity a potent force in an organizational context (Ideas, Engagement, Freedom, Humor, Risk).

The workshop will be interactive and key points will be illustrated with a touch of magic.


1-3 hours, to be agreed

Dates and venue

To be agreed, probably April 2014 in Abu Dhabi

Target audience

Professional educators and administrators – elementary and high school.

Materials requirements:

  • Art of Innovation – Organization Audit and handout (provided by Leader)
  • Participants seated around tables (writing surface is necessary) in teams of 4-8
  • Laptop, LCD projector, screen
  • Extra table, square or rectangular and sturdy
  • Sound system (speakers for music generated by laptop)
  • Paper, pens or pencils
  • Flipcharts, felt pens
  • Masking tape

www.theartofinnovation.net               www.dimis.org

www.performa.net                            www.twitter.com/dimistweet

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