Never Be Closing

Advice for the accidental salesperson

The ”Always Be Closing“ approach to selling is dead — and starting to smell. If you’re looking for a new, ethical, and more effective way to sell your products, your services, or yourself, Tim and Tim will point you in the right direction.

Based on several of the key concepts and tools in their new book, Never Be Closing, this session applies creative problem-solving principles to selling. You will learn 11 key steps to transform run-of-the-mill sales calls into productive sales conversations — from getting a yes to your request for a meeting, to establishing credibility, and delivering value — to build not just sales, but relationships. Because unless you can sell them, ideas are just… well, ideas.

3 things you will get from this session

  1. Identify the 11 critical steps in a successful sales cycle
  2. Identify and practice a wide range of credibility-building, questioning, and value-delivery tools to the sales meeting
  3. Understand how to separate content debriefs from process debriefs and how to apply each to improving sales results
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