Dr Raché Rutherford

Raché is co-founder of the Creativity Foundation of South Africa, a member of the Kobus Neethling Group and has been involved in identifying and developing creative behaviour for 20 years. She develops, designs and presents creativity programs in numerous organisations in  South Africa (including Anglo Platinum, Volkswagen, Telkom,  Sanlam, Sasol, Alexander Forbes, Samancor, schools and tertiary  institutions) and abroad, including the UK, USA, Hong Kong, India, Australia, Singapore, Denmark, Sudan and France.

Raché is a keynote speaker, and has appeared on several radio and television programs, including the award winning Out of the Box, as a creativity expert.

Raché is also the co-author of more than 40 books, including the best sellers which she co-authored with Dr Kobus Neethling: Creativity Uncovered; Am I clever or am I stupid?; Creative people can perform miracles; Very Smart Parents; Courage; Love, sex and your brain; Like Jesus; The Life Changing Diary; Talk to your Food and Taking you beyond.

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