“I attended this conference as a representative of Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research and we do have a, 5 years old, creative thinking committee… I loved the conference and the presenters were so inspiring. I knew new information and I learned a lot of techniques that I will transfer to my colleagues and the committee members, and work on them in our institute”


“Just a note to say: I truly enjoyed this year’s conference. The speakers were both interesting and informative. I look forward to attending the next year.”

“Dear C.T. Conference:

I really did enjoy this conference and learned a lot. Most of the speakers are great and were able to get your attention and have fun with. I did choose this conference by myself and paid for it, and I think I got more than I expected. One big advantage for this conference that you gave us chances to know more about each other and to make new friends. I already suggested this conference for many of my friends and I think I should get fees for that loooooooool. Finally thanks for this well-organized conference. 

Best Regards,” 

Dr. Ibrahim Ali Allehaidan

Vice Dean / College of Business Administration

Qassim University

“This was one of the most beneficial meetings I have ever attended.

I knew how to lead the thoughts and decisions the way I want correctly. I knew how I was far from the right of judging some actions around. I learned how to know the right way, to take your right decision, at the right time, for the right solution.”

“The program was an outstanding supplement to take me to a better level of working. I learned how to think differentially about a problem, open ones mind up to new ways to approach a situation and how it is an essential skill to success in the corporate world.” 

“Really so much appreciation for “Creative Thinkers” conference and hope to attend the next for more knowledge and benefits.”

Omar Elwan, Oriental Weavers

“You have changed my life – Today I know what I will do with my life, and there is so much more than what I thought was possible.”

 “You have such insight and I felt as if you were speaking only to me and as if you knew my life. Thank you for giving me courage to carry on when I thought I had failed.”

“I realized it is not too late for me. I have listened to your presentations and I know now, that I will go to America and fulfill my dream of becoming a medical doctor even though I am no longer a young girl. I will take my young brother with me for him to follow his dream too.”

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