Seven Keys to Unlock Productive Thinking

In 490 BCE, a young soldier named Pheidippides, ran to Athens to report the victory at Marathon 40k away. He dropped dead as soon as he delivered the news.

Today, over 800,000 people complete marathons every year. Half of them are over 50, very few keel over, and many complete the distance faster than Pheidippides did. Why?

The answer is simple: Structure. we’ve figured out structures to train more productively, run more efficiently, and hydrate more effectively. If we can use structures to help us perform better physically, doesn’t it make sense that we can use structures to help us think better too?

Let Tim show you the straight-forward Productive Thinking structures he and his ThinkX colleagues use to help innovation clients think more productively, more effectively, and more creatively. By using these easy-to-learn tools, you and the people you work with will have more ideas, better ideas, and more implementable ideas — more of the time. You’ll laugh, you’ll be amazed, but mostly, you’ll think better. Guaranteed.

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